Myth of the Garage

The Myth of the Garage: And Other Minor Surprises is a short collection of columns written by Dan and Chip Heath between 2007 and 2011. Topics in the collection include:

  • Why you should never buy another mutual fund (“The Horror of Mutual Funds”)
  • Why your gut may be more ethical than your brain (“In Defense of Feelings”)
  • How to communicate with numbers in a stickier way (“The Gripping Statistic”)
  • Why Second Life didn’t take over the world as expected (“The Future Fails Again”)
  • What could lead you to pay $300 for a pair of socks (“The Inevitability of $300 Socks”)
  • And 12 others…

The Myth of the Garage is the first free e-book ever released by Crown Publishing – it is not available in a print version. (The “book” depicted above is itself mythical.) If you don’t have an e-book reader, then download the free PDF version now.

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